Monday, 17 September 2012

Kumano Jinja

The next stop of our busy September 15, 2012 schedule was a place Kenji-San kept telling me I would be able to dance. Right, rather wrong, when you have two left feet! Anyway the Kumano Jinja is a Shinto Shrine dating back to the Heien period of about 800 years ago. As with most such wooden structures in Japan there has been replacement of wooden parts that have rotted in this humid climate and frequently buildings such as this are rebuilt to the original specifications or in this case in a smaller format. Even so the main building had a large wooden floor with many gigantic wooden pillars and beams supporting the building.
In front of this building is a large Gingko biloba tree which was probably planted about the same time as the shrine was originally built. That means the tree is about 800 years old.

Click on Kumano Jinja In Nagatoko to see photographs on Picasa.

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