Thursday, 19 April 2012


Tuesday April 10, 2012 I took Muku for a morning walk on the road to Ono where the cherry blossoms or sakura were in full bloom. I took a number of photographs with a camera in one hand and a dog leash. Sakura are the favourite Japanese flower. Cherry trees have been planted in honour of their flowers for hundreds of years. Then at lunch time I persuaded Yayoi to come for a walk along the same route and see the sakura in early full bloom. We met a group of ladies who had the same idea in mind. The ephemeral nature of the blossoms, the subtle colour and the delicate blossoms are some of the reasons why the sakura are admired so much. There are double flowers and some variation in colour, but the single flower with just a hint of pink on a tree that can grow 10 meters high is the most admired.
More photographs can be seen on Picasa at Hanami.

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