Thursday, 5 April 2012

Japanese Birds

Yayoi has always been excited when she hears the song of the uguisu or according to Wikipedia the Japanese bush warbler. Its song is described as hoohokekyo and Wikipedia confirms what Yayoi has been telling me that the birds learn the song and improve as the season progresses. The description of the song above does not do it justice. It is a very cheerful unmistakeable sound and a sign that spring is imminent. The website Bush-warbler has more information.
The song can be heard on YouTube at Bush-warbler video.
I have been seeing a number of Japanese pheasants with quite distinctive colouration and interesting behavior. The first time I saw one it was just a blur as it flashed by and into the bush. Subsequently they have been playing games of hide and seek with me, such as peeking at me from behind a shrub thinking I cannot see them. This morning I saw a colourful red headed pheasant in an unused remote field after first hearing its eerie call. As I spotted it it ambled into the bamboo and cryptomeria forest. Ths afternoon I saw a hen near our host's pig barn. More information can be seen on Green Pheasant website.

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