Monday, 30 January 2012

WWOOFing on Gando farm

Again we spent the day farming. First we planted carrots and spinach by punching holes at 20cm intervals in black plastic stretched over the plateaus of soil referred to previously. After back filling each punch mark with brown soil we planted 3 seeds in each hole. The carrots were planted in three rows and the spinach in two rows. Later after our supervisor watered the soil she placed a layer of gauss over the plastic film. Nothing appears easy in this country, but I suspect their success rates are higher than our market gardeners in Manitoba. Later we weeded tiny carrot plants planted earlier and of course had trouble with a similar looking weed. Here the germination rate was not that high because these seeds had not been covered. Later we pulled plastic or gauss covers off of plants and watered them before covering them for the cold nights. Two days ago it snowed on our volcano, but the snow has been shrinking.
We have been working quite hard and when the day is over I have not had enough spare time to take some photographs before it gets dark.

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