Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Yayoi and her mother Nobu

Yayoi knows that her mother's father died when her mother was 4 years old. The widow (Yayoi's maternal grandmother) from a wealthy family was immediately found another husband and Yayoi's mother and infant sister were then adopted, her mother by her uncle (Saisho clan of Kagoshima where we are staying currently) and the infant sister's adoptive family is unknown. When Yayoi's mother (Nobu) was getting married to Konno, she contacted the remarried mother who told Nobu she had a new life and not to contact her again. On Monday the 23rd we went to Kagoshima city hall to try to trace things, but with records only going back 80 years and adoptions not always official, we were not successful.
At some point the Konno family and the Saisho family went to Formosa (Taiwan today) and sparks flew when Nobu met Ikuya. After World War II ended, Yayoi was born and shortly thereafter Yayoi and family moved to Komatsu in the prefecture of Yamagata.

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