Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Gando Farm

Attention backyard farmers! Our hero Kawasaki-san tries almost anything and everything. Today we had the day off and I walked to the farm or one piece of it and took photos before Kawasaki-san drove by and we exchanged pleasantries in his 50% English and my 10% Nihongo. After visiting Kagoshima and being "toured" by Yayoi's cousin again he took us back "home" and we took photos of Gando Farm. Koi (carp) in the pond, ducks swimming on the pond and yes, Dan, two chicken coups, one with three laying hens and a cocky noisy rooster.
The fields are planted with carrots, spinach, daikon radish, broccoli, etc.
Anyway tomorrow our sore dry hands will be put to the test again. Kawasaki-san keeps asking "daijobu ?" meaning "everything okay?". He doesn't think the over forty crowd (he is over fifty) can handle the pace.

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  1. Chickens are fine. I'm intrigued by the koi. Do they catch them on a fly, and if so, what kind? And are the koi destined to become fertilizer?