Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Farm Picnic

April 28-30th Kazuko Nomura came to visit. She is our connection to the Okano's and was instrumental in getting us an entire farm house to live in.
Just prior to April 29th, 2012, Sunday Okano-san's friend Kenji from Tsukuba contacted Okano-san and told him that he and his sister were going to bring all the fixings for a barbecue on that Sunday. Of course the Okano's brought food as well and since Kazuko had brought a Mennonite sausage to Japan, we brought that as well as other food. It took a while to get everything organized at lunch time, but there were incredible quantities of food including fish and shrimp. Kenji-san was mixing a lemon soda based drink which was quite pleasant on a warm day. And it seemed that anyone passing by was also invited to the party. And remember that in Japan it cannot truly be a picnic without a blue tarp.
Please see Picasa at Farm Picnic.

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