Saturday, 26 May 2012


Satomi told us that this area is infamous for multiple suicides. Some people apparently threatened to jump and were told by guides that th location they chose was not suitable. Another site was more suited to ensuring death. Morbid or what? Another story concerns a priest being pushed off the cliffs after becoming the losing part of a love triangle.
To read about this area click on Tōjinbō.

Like most tourist attractions in Japan the walkway leading to this one is lined with countless souvenir and food shops. I love "budo" or grape ice cream and "ika" or baked or roasted whole squid - yummy. Anyway we reached the rocks on the seashore without my succumbing to any such temptations.
We clambered about the rocks, encountered some young men, one of whom took a photograph of two of us and informed us that when in junior high school had jumped from the rocks into the ocean. I believe him, but could never see myself doing this. It is quite a height and thankfully for him the water is quite deep as well where he jumped. After taking too many photographs Satomi, Yayoi and I hopped on a boat for a half hour ride viewing the rocks from the ocean and seeing various other things such as the fishermen on isolated rocks.

Click on Tojinbo Suicide Rock to see photographs on Picasa.


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