Sunday, 27 May 2012

Lady from Takayama

As we sat on 'cylinders' at the bus stop in Kanazawa waiting for the tunnel highway bus, the lady sitting with her back to us, turned and asked Yayoi about her necklace. It has a couple of pearls pierced by what appears to be heavy gauge clear monofilament fishing line which is virtually invisible. They chatted a bit and we got on the bus. She appeared to be happy to be heading back to her home in Takayama. When we stopped in the touristy town of Shirakawa we got a couple of photographs of her.
Shirakawa is famous for its very old houses thatched with straw and with an unusual peak system allowing egress in cases of heavy snowfalls two stories thick.
Anyway back on the bus, still missing photographs of the snow covered mountains in the distance, I watched our lady near the front of the bus. In Japan people get on the train or bus and immediately fall asleep. This lady may have dozed a little, but as we got closer to Takayama she became noticeably more alert. She was excited about her snow covered mountains, which to her meant home. She turned and made sure we were aware of them. In Takayama we got off the bus and she wished us well.

Click on link to see photographs on Picasa of Shirakawa.

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