Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Working on the chain gang

Today we cleared substantial volumes of volcanic ash deposited for a long time period at the side of the road next to the new chicken coop of the Gando farm. Many plant roots permeated this "soil", but the farmers do not appreciate the ash, because it "burns" plants when it lands on them, but I suspect this is a chemical burn.
Kawasaki-san treated the 4 WWOOFers here to coffee at a cafe with many types of snack breads, from pizza like breads to sweet buns.
After lunch I was set to work using a Japanese hand saw cutting off knobs from 10 meter bamboo poles. My computer muscles were really put to the test, but with help from Yayoi later in the afternoon we finished the pile Kawasaki-san will use to build another "shelter" at some peculiar location.
There is at least one Canadian who laughed out loud when I suggested we would be doing farm work and I would be shovelling.

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