Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Battle fatigue

We have seen so many fascinating things that it has become difficult for us to be easily impressed any more.
Every city has sites such as historical figures, castles, temples, shrines or gardens that they are proud of. Each city has a food that they are proud of.
Our memories of these distinctions have begun to blur. We have met so many interesting and hospitable people.
Last night we left the city of Tokusima on Shikoku at 9:45pm and took the overnight bus to Tokyo Station arriving there at about 8am after a sleepless night. It is following us. We cannot seem to escape it. Snow, there must be at least 15cm in Tokyo where it almost never snows, ha. We will stay at Yayoi's brother's place in Ome, Tokyo for a few days to tell our battle stories. Then we plan on checking out an unused farm house which friends in Winnipeg arranged for us and hopefully it will be suitable for us to use as a home base long term.

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