Saturday, 11 February 2012

Wrong side of road

One of my fears in Japan has been the thought of driving a vehicle on their narrow winding roads. Well we took a rocket ferry to Yakushima island from Kagoshima which is one of the southern chain of islands including Okinawa. Two hours later we landed on the island, had lunch, checked into a very nice eight tatami minshuku room, who arranged for a car rental company to bring a small Mitsubishi SUV style vehicle to our door. We drove it to see the interior of this mountainous area seeing a 3000 year old tsugi (cedar) tree named Yayoi-sugi. After a nice walk over rocks and steps we headed back to town on very winding mountain roads and drove to a beach on the other side of town where sea turtles come to nest and then the hatchlings swim to California and grow up ready to come back to the beach at Yakushima.

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