Saturday, 4 February 2012

Day off on Tuesday and Saturday

Yes, it's a 6 day week in Japan. Today is Saturday February 4, but on Tuesday afternoon Arima-san took us on a whirlwind tour visiting scenic sites and parks around Kagoshima. The park portrayed here is a prefectural (provincial in Canada) park and admission is free. This park is unique in that it had large expanses of grass (albeit brown) and in one area elderly people (like us) were playing a game they call "golfu". They use wooden mallets to hit a plastic ball and attempt to hit a cylinder suspended on a steel pole (like a bell) in as few shots as possible. I would have liked to have joined them and forget the week of work ahead. Today Saturday and Sunday we will be working in Cafe Cho-on-kan. It was a beautiful day outside today especially in the sunshine. Our two Taiwanese girls left early this morning for another WWOOFer site to finish off the rest of their 36 day university holiday. Tomorrow 3 Australians will be joining us.





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