Wednesday, 14 March 2012


There was an earthquake in the early evening today in the ocean east of the gap between Hokaido and Honshu. It was powerful enough to trigger warnings on television of a possible tsunami, which thankfully never materialized.
Then a few minutes after 9pm an earthquake occurred near the border of Chiba prefecture and Ibaraki prefecture which is where we are staying. This was the most powerful earthquake I have experienced yet. I now have a lot of respect for them. I hope I do not have to experience fear.
Yayoi's cell phone began repeating the message that an earthquake was happening. The electronic system controlling the hot water supply set a error message and had to be restarted. Our hosts rushed over from their next door home and asked whether we were okay.
We are, but I was seriously worried that there might be damage to the house while it was occurring.

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