Friday, 23 March 2012

Mito Komon

Mito Kōmon is a television series that has just ended after running for about forty years. It involves Tokugawa Mitsukuni a daimyo (lord) of the Mito area who retires and according to the fictionalized accounts wanders the country side with two companions and 2-3 others who show up when required. His purpose is to find and right wrongs he encounters. The script writers wrote one script at the beginning of the series and follow the same script week after week. After interacting with the villains and the wronged a battle between the villains and the threesome occurs during which one of the companions pulls an emblem from his clothing and everyone exclaims and bows as this represents the shogun or supreme government of the country.
It is nice to see the good guys win and we all love our heroes.

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