Friday, 23 March 2012

Pottery Sensei

January 10, 2012 we went to a windup potluck lunch and party hosted by the pottery teacher of Yayoi's second brother. The Nihonshu or sake available appeared to loosen the sensei's tongue and details of his life were described. The pottery sensei (teacher) asked some questions of Yayoi and then the two compared notes regarding religion when he admitted he had been a Catholic priest at one time. No details were given as to what ended that phase.
Then the presence of an elongated cloth bag in one corner of the very cluttered room elucidated the obvious question. I had been guessing that it was possibly fishing equipment. Sensei asked for the bag to be handed to him and he pulled out a katana or Japanese sword. He explained that the handle was three handwidths long to allow for a better reach when in combat. He said he had martial arts training (aikido) including the use of the katana. Then he admitted he was a certified ninja and was not allowed to use his skills in case of home invasion or other such problem as he was registered with the police. He described various aspects of Ninja skills such as jumping, climbing ropes and that tricks were used to achieve the apparent ease of a Ninja's ability.
Later in the afternoon it was revealed that he has an interest in herbal medicine and healing powers and has apparently healed a member of his pottery class. He was working with one of the student's hands while we watched. We do not know the outcome of this intervention.
Does nobody in this country lead a simple life or do we just meet the unusual people?

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