Monday, 23 July 2012

Car Park

I have seen many mechanical car parks including ones for bicycles in Japan, but this was a first. We entered what appeared to be normal underground parking near Shizuoka Eki or train station, when suddenly we were directed off to one side as though a police search was about to take place. Aha, they finally caught that unwelcome foreigner?
The car was positioned carefully and we were told to get out. We hardly had time to collect our wits when steel belts under the front two tires and the back two tires whisked the car sideways and a door shut. It appears to be the most sophisticated "chop shop" I have ever seen in any Hollywood film.
Our driver was given a magnetically encoded card which was later used to pay the parking in a secure area outside of the parking area. As in the photograph we waited until the car appeared as it had disappeared and the door unlocked to let us retrieve the vehicle.
Try buying gasoline for your car in this country, it can be a little unnerving as well.

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