Friday, 6 July 2012


Momo or peaches are one of the many foods we have been privileged to eat thanks to the generosity of so many people in this country. We will never to able to repay the graciousness of the people in this country.
We received some peaches today, boxed as though they were expensive chocolates and delivered by Japan Postal Service. They were huge and I imagine incredibly expensive. Two of us shared the first one and were impressed by the unadulterated sweetness and the juice that just seemed to ooze from everywhere.
It is criminal that someone back in North America would pick an unripe peach (or any fruit) and dare to ship it to uneducated consumers. Do that with any other commodity and jail awaits. It has been years since we have eaten decent peaches in North America.
Later another person in our village asked me whether "suika taberu?" or do you eat watermelon? Well two slices landed in my possession and off I went. Again nice texture, perfectly sweet and juicy.

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