Monday, 23 July 2012

Shizuoka Ocha or Green Tea

Shizuoka is famous in Japan for the quality and quantity of green tea being produced here. Green tea purchased outside of Japan is frequently of third rate quality. It was probably close to twenty years or more after Yayoi came to Canada that we realized that the green teas we were being sent, especially from her friend Etchan (Etsuko) in Shizuoka, were of exceptional quality. A very good green tea is made from a few young leaves at the end of each tea bush branch. Shizuoka has hillsides and climate ideal for growing green tea. Shizuoka is also known for its "mikan" or Japanese oranges. The photograph shows a hillside covered with rows of green tea between the trees and bamboo. The area in the centre among some larger bushes is a darker green indicating that these young leaves have not been plucked yet.

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