Saturday, 28 July 2012

Edosaki Matsuri or Festival

July 21, 2012 Saturday evening Akio and Shigeko Okano took us into Edosaki into the centre of town where a number of booths had been set up. These sold various types of food, including roasted sakana or fish, ika or squid and of course candy cotton and candy coated bananas. Two vendors were selling bags of tiny feeder goldfish.
We reached the four way intersection where there were about two floats in each of the four directions. There were probably close to ten people on each float playing various instruments and numerous dancers and people to pull the floats around the floats. The floats took turns entering the centre of the intersection. Each float was of a similar design in that it pivoted on a central spindle. Once in the intersection the attendants on the ground would spin the upper section of the float housing the musicians. It appeared to be a competition, although I could not ascertain what the criteria for winning would be. As an onlooker I almost became disorientated and felt sympathetic towards the dizzy musicians.
The crowds in the street appeared to be mostly young people and apparently once the older generation has left the street party begins.
Of course I had to buy a roasted ika or squid as we headed home.

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