Saturday, 7 July 2012

Town Chorus

July 7, 2012 we were treated to a nice break from some of the routines of farm life. Okano Akio-san and his choir have been practicing hard. He is one of the tenors in the group. At two in the afternoon they began entertaining us with a combination of Gregorian chant music, some Japanese pieces both traditional and current as well as music with a jazz flavour while wearing the solid black outfits. At one point Okano-san sang a short solo. Okano-san is an artist both with colour and with his voice, which was very pleasant to listen to. The choir pieces were nicely interspersed with pieces done by piano, keyboard, recorder and voice.
Following the concert and reception lineup, Okano Shigeko-san took two of us across the road where we joined Kenji-san for a late afternoon coffee break whose conversations extended up to five pm at which time we decided we might as well eat dinner there as well.
In the meantime Okano-san spent the evening celebrating with the choir group.

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