Friday, 9 November 2012

Hatake or Farm Picnic Near Ome

On October 27, 2012 Tsutomu-san and Atsuko-san's friend Arai-san drove four of us to the community farm which is on the extreme outskirts of Tokyo. This was the second time we were able to partake in a party, the first took place almost as soon as we arrived in Japan in December 2011.
At the farm people were busily preparing lunch including soup composed of "satoimo" and other goodies and freshly made mochi or pounded rice in a machine. Purple (very purple) "satoimo" (potato like) or azuki bean were used as filling for mochi balls. We toured the garden and saw many unusual vegetables and flowers. One man's specialty was roses and he had almost the entire British royal family growing here.
It is so hard to understand that in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada gardens have been tucked away for winter and here after a harsh hot dry summer, vegetables are now beginning to grow again.
Then before going home Tsutomu-san and Atsuko-san were given bags of vegetables to take back home.

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Farm Picnic

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