Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Thatched Roof Home in Yasatomachi

There are still a significant number of thatched roof houses in the Yasato area. The one we visited November 20, 2012 is still in the family after more than 200 years. The "Ojiichan" or grandpa who gave us permission to see the place was quite proud of his family home. There are eight layers of thatch in the roof which can be distinguished by the variable colours. The traditional Japanese garden in the front includes natural water from the mountains flowing into the pond. There is a splendid view of terraced "tanbo" or rice fields and "yama" or mountains through the traditional front gateway. "Otoosan" or father and "Okaasan" or mother were busy in the tanbo cutting down the second growth of rice with 'brush wackers'. "Obaachan" or grandma was out in the "hatake" or field working with the vegetables. Trust Kenjisan to get permission to pick the last two "kaki" or persimmons growing near Obaachan.

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Thatched Roof Home

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