Sunday, 18 November 2012


It was cool in the house this morning at about 11°C, but after taking Muku for a walk or rather him taking me for a walk, I went out to the 'hatake' or field and began to pick green beans or 'ingen'. Then the word entered my consciousness. These people live in paradise.
I was out in shirt sleeves on November 18, 2012, the sun was shining from a clear sky and a cool breeze was blowing. Click, click as my "hasami" scissors cut bean after bean until the large basket was overflowing. The climbing bean vines can be seen on the left in the photograph of the greenhouse. What a beautiful day! The chrysanthemums are blooming everywhere and such a variety of them can be seen in southern Ibaraki prefecture. The citrus fruits are ripening, the persimmons are firm and sweet. The gardens produce food the year round. Why live anywhere else?
A phone call and we are invited to lunch at Kenji-san's sister Etsuko-san. Shigeko-san is kind enough to drive with us and a wonderful lunch and pleasant conversation awaits. After the afternoon as we drive home at dusk (5pm) Shigeko-san points out Fuji-san (mountain) in the distance to the south-awesome. A fitting end to a fabulous day!

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