Friday, 9 November 2012

Rose Bakery

For a long time we have known that Atsuko-san has a niece that is working in a patisserie (actually three) in Ginza, Marunouchi and Kichijoji. I hoped that we would eventually be able to sample some treats at one of these places. So on November 2, 2012 Atsuko-san and two of us hopped on a train and went to Kichijoji. Apparently this part of Tokyo is one most people would like to live in. I assumed we would have to travel away from the station to get to the Rose Bakery, but as with so many good eating establishments in Japan, the Rose Bakery is located in Kichijoji-eki or train station.
Atsuko-san's niece Tomoko-san is quite young and in charge of the pastries at the three Rose Bakeries. A while ago she went to France and worked in the original Rose Bakery. She was so impressed she suggested to the owner that Rose Bakery might do well in Japan. Quite unprepared for the rapidity of events soon after she found herself back in Japan in charge of pastries. And as the blurry photographs can attest she is always busy. The Rose Bakery serves delicious lunches as well including a vegetable or salad plate with a variety of delicious treats artistically arrayed. The carrot cake we ordered was then prepared for us to be picked up after we did a bit of window shopping and wandering through an interesting park in the area nearby the station. It didn't take long after we got back to Ome before that delicious cake showed up on the table.

Click on link to see photographs on Picasa.

Kichijoji and Rose Bakery

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