Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tsukubasan Views

We have been living in the village of Komatsuka which is part of the Kanto plain, a large reasonably flat area including Tokyo. We have a view of Tsukuba Mountain from Komatsuka, but Tsukubasan hides the mountain ranges behind it to the west and north. Seeing these mountains forces one to realize that Ibaraki prefecture is not as flat as we have believed based on where we live.
We drove up the mountain near Tsukubasan on November 20, 2012 and were able to glimpse Kasumigaura (lake) and Tokyo Skytree. The latter tends to replace Tokyo Tower as the must see place of Tokyo. The area around Tsukubasan is called Ishioka-shi.
Of course we had to go to 'Cloud Nine' in Tsukuba Science City for coffee/tea etcetera after such a wonderful day.

Click on link to see photographs on Picasa.

Tsukubasan Views

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