Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Bamboo House

At 0600h Hiroshi and Hiroko picked us up at the ferry. We went for breakfast and then to the seashore so Yayoi and I could dip our feet in the Japan Sea. After we went to the river to see a bamboo house. While we were there we were told that of all the bridges that cross the river the only one that survived an earthquake many years ago is one that was handmade, without machinery.
The bamboo house was designed by an artist, Wang Wen-Chih in 2012 entitled 'Phoenix From the Flames'. The raised floor, walls and roof are all not water or air proof and in the hot morning sun the resultant air flow kept the house quite cool. It is remarkably appealing to the eye and very well built, making one think that it could have practical applications.

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