Thursday, 30 August 2012

Komatsu Family

Yayoi has two brothers and one sister. Yayoi is the youngest sibling. Hiroshi Konno is the eldest brother. Hiroshi and his wife Michiko have two children.
The son Takeshi and has wife Yukari also live in Komatsu, but on the 'new' side of the tracks, quite literally. They have three children.
The daughter Naomi is living with her parents and her two children have both left home. In this home, belonging to eldest brother, you can count on a beautiful flower arrangement in the front entrance and ocha served before you can catch your breathe.
When the neighbour's hear that we are coming food is delivered to the house. As a result of the sashimi Michiko served us and "mochi" or pounded rice provided by a neighbour we had a delicious first dinner. The mochi was served with three different toppings, "natto" or fermented soybeans, "anko" or cooked sweetened red azuki beans and "edamame" or green cooked soybeans which many North Americans are familiar with.
Hiroshi is in his eighties so it is good to be able to see him and Michiko again. On our last night together the five of us went out to a local restaurant and had 'basket meals'.

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