Saturday, 25 August 2012

Gumi Cherries

One of the reasons we are in Japan is to have Yayoi reconnect with many aspects of a life she has not known intimately for two thirds of her lifetime. I suspect her time here is reacquainting her with her mother tongue and life style. We have also been eating a number of foods, especially wild vegetables that are not available in Canada. As we explored the area near the Shiretoko Hotel, she spotted a tree on the other side of the hotel parking lot with what appeared to be red plum shaped cherries. She calls them "gumi" and thought that they had a tart taste based on childhood memories. One thing I cannot always appreciate is the Japanese sensitivity to sour foods. Any apple that is not bland tasting is "tsupi" or sour. Yet the variety of pickled and fermented foods they eat is astounding.
I tasted the "gumi" and found them to be somewhat bland.

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