Thursday, 30 August 2012

Niigata Ocean Views

On August 14, 2012 (Happy Birthday, Bryan) four of us drove the Niigata coastal highway and saw scenery of breathtaking beauty. Somehow a camera is a very disappointing tool. Scenery is more than a picture as it does not include the breezes, the sound of waves rolling in, the smell of the ocean. Two things we miss seeing in our current address in Ibaraki Prefecture, mountains and proximity to the ocean. Ibaraki is part of the Kanto plain region which is likely one of the largest flat areas in Japan, including the city of Tokyo. Ibaraki Prefecture does have ocean front property, but we are not close to it and it is most likely not nearly as picturesque as what we have seen on the Japan Sea side with its rocks, mountains nearby and that gorgeous water in varying shades of blue (guys only know a handful of colours).
After an interesting lunch Hiroshi and Hiroko drove us inland to the train station in Sakamachi that took us on a slow train ride all the way to Uzen Komatsu train station in Yayoi's home town.

Click on Niigata Ocean Views to see photographs on Picasa.

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