Friday, 24 August 2012

Our Sapporo Hosts

We have met a lot of incredible and incredibly welcoming people in Japan. And there may be some truth to the expression the colder the place you live in the warmer you are. Okay, so I just made that up, but? Katsuo and Sumiko Kimura went out of their way to see that we enjoyed Hokkaido.
Yayoi knew Katsuo in high school, but he didn't stay long, as he decided on a career in the military. Since then we have seen him a couple of times at class reunions.
Katsuo worked as a strategist in the military and here he met his 'wife to be' who worked as a nurse for the military. They are both currently retired, have grandchildren and live in a beautiful "mansion" or condo in Sapporo.
Is there anyone we meet who leads a normal (boring) existence? These people go deep sea diving, he golfs, belongs to a "katana" club, she belongs to a photography group. He has a navigation license for boats.
We suspect they own a time share at Resuto Resort where we stayed for a night in a two story luxury suite. We were given vouchers that he had received from a friend that allowed us to stay in the Sapporo e-Hotel for five nights at no charge.
He drove us all over the countryside making whatever arrangements were necessary. Most of the time she was also able to come. We didn't make things any easier for her, by transmitting the summer flu/cold to her that we were still shaking off.
There is no way we will be able to repay this or any of the many others who have treated us so graciously in this country. Probably if we ever get to Narita "kuko" or airport we will be held back for payments owing.

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