Thursday, 30 August 2012


Yayoi and I had been telling each other that the next time we were in Komatsu, Yamagata, we would get haircuts in the shop belonging to the family of Hiroko, Yayoi's childhood friend in Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture. In Komatsu, Yayoi's eldest brother Hiroshi made a phone call and at 1pm we were walking on our way to the barber. Hiroko used to live in the same building as the barber shop when her mother was still doing the barbering. Yayoi and her family were living in a rented place next door.
It was my turn and I sat down. Did I forget to mention, I haven't had a haircut for about forty years? Okay, okay, no wise cracks, just because I cut my own hair.
Hiroko's brother's wife is now doing the barbering. Here I am, my hair has been cut with a scissors only and my hair shampooed. Did I want the area around my eyebrows shaved? No, thank you to this and a number of similar questions. I did allow a shave and I was very well behaved during this procedure. Even Yayoi did not dare to take a photograph at this time, just in case this would cause the straight razor to slip. Oops! After a facial massage and various other applications I was complete. Yayoi's turn. My job probably took three times as much time.
Anyway grapes, ocha and senbei (Japanese crackers) were set before us. Yayoi had a good visit with Hiroko's 96 year old mother. She is supposedly a little senile, but all Yayoi had to do is mention her first name and Hiroko's mother knew immediately that this was Yayoi of the Konno family.

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